Monday, December 28, 2015

Access Control Benefits

Locksmith Reno access control keypad
Changes can be troublesome — especially when it may appear as though something is working fine and OK the way it is. Having an electronic access control framework implemented by an expert locksmith provide organizations with an abundance of benefits that will make the improvement well justified, despite all the trouble.  The benefits will come from an expansion in comfort and security to saving money and time.

Unlike many types of conventional keys that can be effortlessly replicated, the key cards that are utilized inside of an electronic access control framework require significantly more ability and learning to copy. Also, you can immediately erase the entrance code of a representative who no longer works for you. This extraordinarily decreases the probability of having a displeased worker returning to cause damage to your business or badger different employees.

Did you or a worker lose a key card? Unlike the times of the past when a lost key implied that you needed the locks re-keyed or even changed, with an access control system all that is required is just deleting that specific key code from your database or changing the entrance code. Regardless of the money saving that you will have from the lack of need to changing or re-keying the locks, key cards will save a gigantic measure of time amid which your business security may be vulnerable.

Every time somebody signs in utilizing an electronic access key, its utilization is additionally logged inside of the framework. This element is essential with regards to following such important information as reaction times or exercises. It likewise empowers you to successfully examine criminal action like robbery, trespassing, vandalism and the sky is the limit from there.

Need repairs or upkeep work finished at your business? Plan it during an era when you are not open, for example, amid the night hours or overnight — and utilize your electronic access framework to buzz in those approved to be there. You will never need to leave an action or your home to let individuals inside your business again.

Reno locksmith access control system
Other than the various advantages delineated above, there are a couple of different things that you can expect when you change over to an electronic access control framework. Despite the fact that every framework could be somewhat diverse, with some systems you will get a PC that is stacked with software and a database program. The software runs the access control framework while the database permits you to effortlessly oversee key cards, identifications and approvals. Panels that assemble information are situated at every entryway that is on the electronic access framework. Each of the doors that components electronic controlled access is equipped with a card reader, an entryway position switch, an electric lock and a device that takes into consideration when someone is leaving.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yale Key-less Entry Deadbolt

The door lock is a marvelous marriage of simplicity and complexity. Both its function (to restrict access to a building or room) and operation (insert key, twist key, open door) are simple. But it's the complex internal mechanics that allow the lock to work the way it does. The pins, grooves, and cylinder must all align perfectly with the proper key or the cylinder won't turn, the bolt won't throw, and the door won't open—that's the whole point. Locks have been around for thousands of years, but the modern pin-tumbler lock was invented in 1848. Though the pin-tumbler is certainly pickable by an expert, the basic design has been discouraging burglars to this day.

Until lately, the pin-tumbler has been resistant to the digital revolution. But, global specialists on locks and physical safety, cited that keypad entry and wi-fi locking systems were in commercial homes for years. Now, smart locks are eventually coming to residential abodes as nicely. Tobias thinks the trade is because of the upward push of the cellphone.

Most electronic locks are drop-in replacements for conventional locks, and installation is simply as straightforward. Or, at least, that is what i was advised. I have by no means hooked up a lock in my life, so I left that paintings to a professional locksmith, who hooked up them within mins within the deadbolt holes in my front and back doors.

The locks I had mounted on the front door are Yale key-less access deadbolts. Different residential digital locking structures are to be had from Schlage and Kwikset in addition to. Considering the fact that locks are as a good deal a count of home decor as of home protection, the hardware comes in an expansion of finishes and patterns. The primary era of virtual locks had difficult-key pushbuttons, but the cutting-edge, 2nd-generation digital deadbolts usually use illuminated touchscreen keypads or wireless connections to a telephone or key fob. Some have a redundant key-in cylinder, a few do not.

The "handsome styling" of these virtual locks refers to the keypads on the outdoor of the door—because at the indoors facet, the lock is a large, unsightly brick that houses the electronics, a motor pressure machine, and a battery enclosure. The batteries inside my devices, the organization claims last approximately a 12 months, and, since no one wants to be locked out of their house because of dead batteries, the locks additionally have an indicator that warns you when the power dips low.

The Yale key-less entry deadbolt is programmed with a master code, with which you could create up to 250 4-to-8-digit codes. Whilst you depart the residence, you push your palm to the touchscreen and the door locks robotically. To get back internal, press your palm to the screen to see the numbers, then kind your code and the door unlocks—no key required. Visitors, babysitters, contractors, and family can each get a separate access code, which may be erased at any time using the grasp code.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Automotive Ignition Service

Reno locksmith Honda ignition switch
Here at NorthWest Locksmith Reno we offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services for both imports and domestic make and model vehicles. From unlocking your vehicle, originating new keys, to repairing and replacing ignition switches, we do it all! Our technicians are professional and will explain you exactly what is needed to be done before performing any service.

The most common automotive service we usually perform is for an ignition. We have found that many make and model vehicles in the market have common issues that can cause the ignition switch to malfunction. When it comes to Hondas and Acuras vehicles, we found that many people had issues with the key getting stuck inside the ignition switch. Although it does happen on other make and models, we found it to be more common on Hondas and Acuras. This type of issue can be caused by wafers that got worn out in time and also dirt that may have entered into the switch and caused the malfunction.

Whether if its dirt or normal wear and tear, once the wafers are out of alignment, a key cannot be inserted or will get stuck in the ignition switch. However, these types of issues will not turn out overnight as the user may feel some difficulties over a certain period of time operating the ignition switch with the key. Once the key will get stuck inside the switch, calling a professional locksmith will be the best option.

Locksmith Reno Honda
There is the option of taking your vehicle to the dealer for service. However, not only it will involve an expensive towing charge, in addition to the dealer high rates, you most likely will have to wait for a few days to have the vehicle serviced with a new ignition switch and a key made. Here at NorthWest Locksmith Reno we provide mobile automotive locksmith services which means our technicians will travel to your location with no extra charge and replace or repair the ignition switch on the spot!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Locksmith Services

Locksmith Reno automotive service
If you are looking for a reliable locksmith company in the Reno area, look no more and call NorthWest Locksmith Reno. We offer our services 7 days a week day and night while offering an average response time of 25 to 30 minutes. Our technicians are equipped with service vehicles  which are fully stocked with the right tools and top quality products and parts to get the job done right the first time.

One of the more popular service we offer around Reno is automotive key replacements. If you accidentally lost your key, broke it, or in need for a spare, you can rest assure we would be able to provide you with a solution. We have the latest technology key cutting and programming machines and are able to make keys for most make and model vehicles in the market.

Reno locksmith servicesIf you happen to lock yourself out of your home or vehicle, we can help you with that as well! Day or night, our professional technicians will be able to travel to your location and provide you the service with a smile. Since our technicians all have stocked service vehicles with equipment, locks, keys and other type of locking hardware, you can expect them to provide you a solution on the spot without waiting for parts, locks, keys, or other items needed to complete the job.

Aside from emergency locksmith services, we offer a wide range or commercial and residential security solutions as well. From a standard lock installation, deadbolt,  re-keying the property existing locks, implementing master-key systems, access control systems, and others, no job is too big or to small for our technicians to handle.

Commercial Key-less Entry Locks

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rim Locks

There are many types of locks in the market and some of them are more common than others. Rim locks are type of lock systems that attaches to the surface of a door. It is a contrast to a Mortise lock where the assembly is similar but installed differently attaching to the door rather than within it. It is initially a box that would be located under the door knob. Normally it would be installed on the interior side of the room and would include a keyhole for operation.

The rim lock locking system can be used to lock the door in two different ways. Using the key is the main method to operate the lock. Just like most types of locks, inserting the key to the keyhole and turning it, the lock will move to the locking position so the door cannot be opened. The second method in which the rim lock can be moved to the locking status is by turning the knob that is part of the rim lock assembly.

Theoretically, the knob will function similar to the key. Once the knob is turned, the locking mechanism inside the rim lock will be enabled to lock the door until moved again to unlock it. There are several types of rim locks where some can be reopened using the key while others can only be unlocked from the other side of the door.

As mentioned, there are many types of rim locks in the market that come in different designs and styles to accommodate the customer's unique needs. Some of the styles and variations a rim lock can come as include modern and antique styles as well. Some types will include a secondary security measure such as a chain while others will only come in a form of a deadbolt.

For more information about rim locks, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno (775) 276-5673.

Automotive Lockout Service

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

High Security Locks

Locksmith Reno school lock
Maintaining high level of security and safety on a school property can be challenging at times. It is the difficulty to find the balance between restricting and allowing access to the property. In schools, there will always be certain areas which are restricted to certain teachers or other administrator staff, while other areas in the property should have access to students, teachers, and staff altogether. Many commercial lock manufacturers nowadays are offering solutions to schools and campuses where security administrator would be able to offer different levels of access throughout the property and eliminating security risks that often will come from having traditional locks.

The issue with traditional locks is the fact that most types can easily be picked open or have the keys duplicated without any restriction. However, many lock manufacturers are now offering electronic lock systems that include electronic form of access such as key cards or other type of programmable form of key. Electronic smart keys in such system can be easily deactivated in case one was misplaced or stolen using a software on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Locksmith Reno electronic key lock
In addition, new "keys" can always be added to the system to replace lost keys or when a new user is added. This will eliminate the need to call a professional locksmith to come and re-key the locks which is the case with traditional locks in a security breach type situation. Lock manufacturers designed electronic lock systems to enable time usage control access. This means that any key that will be programmed to the system can be restricted to work for a certain period of time before being deactivated. This can prevent any unnecessary after hours access to the property. This type of system also allow temporary access passes for guests.

For more information about commercial grade electronic lock systems, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno (775) 276-5673.

Residential Lock Repair

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lock System Upgrade

Lock update locksmith Reno
One's home is a place of safety and security. However, with an alarming increase in home break-ins and burglary around the country, some people do not feel secure at their own homes. However, with upgrading the existing standard lock system, it doesn't have to be. As many home intruders get wiser, the locking mechanism of traditional locks used to protect your home may get obsolete and would need an upgrade from time to time.

Aging is the enemy of mechanical locks. The mechanism of a lock may suffer some wear and tear in time which may affect its functionality and the ability to hold off breaking attempts by intruders. While it can be easy replacing your existing locks with the same type and manufacturer, considering other types of locks and features might be a better solution.

Most types of locks that are available in the market today have different purposes. Most locks that come with unique features were meant to answer different security needs. Some offer high level of durability to eliminate forced entry while others may offer added convenience. Paying attention to the different grade levels may also assist in choosing the right lock for your home.

Locksmith Reno keypad lock
Key-less entry locks offer a great alternative for traditional locks in order to secure your home. These types of locks will normally come in the form of a keypad interface where a 4 to 6 digit code would be required in order to unlock them and open the door. There are many key-less entry locks that are available in grade 1 or 2 which should be enough to provide high level of security to your home.

For more information about upgrading the locks at your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno (775) 276-5673.

Access Control

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lock Types

Reno locksmith deadbolt
In every type of field people like to do researches and make sure they are getting the best product and their money worth. In the security business its no different. The question that is commonly being asked is what is the best door lock that is in the market and can provide the best protection to your residential property. The answer is mostly depends on the type of settings the lock will be used for.

There are door locks in some settings which their sole purpose is to keep people in and not out which will use an entirely different mechanism than other locks which meant to protect a home or a work place. The level of security is another aspect to be looked at when searching for the right lock and will be significantly relying on a particular budget the household or business has set. As a home or business owner, you'll always want to look for a lock system that can provide the best protection for an affordable price.

Spring loaded door locks is the most common type of lock around the country. It uses a spring to keep the locking mechanism in place. This type of lock will normally only provide the most basic level of protection to your home. Although they will serve the purpose of keeping the door closed and lock, the average burglar would be able to easily defeat the lock with the most basic tools. It can be disabled by tampering with the spring's mechanism or by damaging the lock using forced entry by drilling or prying.

Locksmith Reno door knob
To combat some of these methods used by intruders in order to break into homes, first it would be recommended making sure you have a secondary lock installed on the front door of your home such as a deadbolt. Secondly, to protect the locks from getting drilled, there are some anti-drilling lock systems available in the market which comes both in forms of spring loaded locks and deadbolts as well. They include specific hardware that will defeat any type of drill bit that might be used to penetrate the lock.

For more info about high quality locks for your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno (775) 276-5673.

Automotive Door Lock Key Extraction

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Commercial Property Security

Reno locksmith standard lock
The security of your business property should be a top priority. If your business property still secured with traditional locks and deadbolts, you should start to think of modern high security solutions in order to keep your business property safe and secure from potential intruders. Nowadays, advance security systems are well known in the form of key-card access, fingerprint and more. In order to properly protect your business from being broken into, moving towards lock systems that implement forms of security that are resistance to common methods used by intruders such as bumping and picking.

For commercial property security purposes, the only thing standard locks are good for is keeping from people walking through the front door with ease. However, when it comes to a professional burglar, its a whole different story. The chances that a traditional lever-set lock or a deadbolt stopping a burglar from breaking into your business property are very slim.

Bumping and lock picking are some  of the favorite methods used by intruders in order to defeat traditional locks. Unfortunately, the tools used for these methods are easily accessible online, fairly cheap and will allow an intruder to easily defeat a traditional lock gain entry into the property without leaving any trace. Another risk for the security of commercial properties is key duplication. Keys that are often in the hands of employees may be subject to unauthorized duplication. Forced entry methods are also used at times in order to gain entry to commercial properties which include hammering, drilling, and more.

Locksmith Reno commercial grade lock
Here at NorthWest Locksmith Reno we can help your business property to overcome these security risks bu implementing high security locks. Most high security locks that we carry come with various features that would prove common methods used by intruders to be ineffective. High security locks that we have come with an independent locking mechanism that is often impossible to pick or bumped. Some of the locks also comes with protection against unauthorized duplication ensuring no duplication would be made. Other solutions against force entry are available as well, give us a call (775) 276-5673.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Key Control

Locksmith Reno key control
Key Management systems is the perfect solution for business properties who are expose to the security threat of keys or other form of access being duplicated and used by unauthorized people. In such management system, there area wide range of cylinders and key-ways that can be used to implement it. The Classic and Everest are the most common when it comes to high security key systems.

Classic key-ways are actually just the standard traditional keys that can be used in the system where rooms or department in the property which does not require higher level of security. The Everest high security keys on the other home have a unique design which include a patented undercut groove on the side which normally will be mated with the Primus cylinder as well. Both come from the leading lock manufacturer Schlage.

A traditional cylinder is the type that are used mostly on low security applications, however, the Primus type was designed to provide higher level of security with a sidebar that enable key control. This type of high security cylinder is also pick and bump resistance and can be restricted to a certain geographic areas. In addition, the Primus cylinder can resist other types of abuses such as drilling for example. The advantage of the Primus cylinder comes with the fact that the mated Everest high security key can operate both the Primus and traditional cylinders that installed around the property as well. However, the keys that can operate the traditional cylinders will not be able to operate the Primus type.  

Locksmith Reno Primus cylinder
Both restricted and none restricted key-ways can be used in the same key control system. In order to get none restricted key-way cylinders and keys from the manufacturer or through a locksmith shop nothing special is involved in the process which is one of the reasons they do not provide high level of security. However, restricted key-way cylinders and keys which provide limited use, have better level of key control as well. In order to get restricted key-way cylinders and keys, a special authorization would have to be submitted with the order and any key blanks that will be needed in the future would only be approved using the same authorization.

For more information about key control, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno (775) 276-5673.

Schlage High Security Key and Cylinder

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Lock System Innovation

Locksmith Reno keyless entry lock
As technology takes us to new places every day, some of it becoming an integral part of security as well. Nowadays, key-less entry lock systems in many forms have become the standard in home and business security. Even though, residential property owners are slowly starting to adapt to the new technology, many commercial property owners already started to make the change.

The biggest benefit of any type of key-less entry lock system is the ability to control user access. Most of these lock systems have the capability to customize user access whether it is to allow or restrict. When it comes to commercial property settings, an employee may have an access card, a code, or other device which will allow access through certain doors in the property. These rights can easily be added or removed using the lock system interface. This type of feature removes any worry from business owners in which former employees used to make key copies of the property which set a serious security threat to the business. If a key card, or any other type of access device has been lost or stolen, it can easily be removed from the system with the press of a button.

When it comes to digital and electronic lock systems, many raised concerns about computer based hacking attacks. However, many of the lock systems manufactures who incorporate WiFi technology are taking several measures to combat these types of concerns. On smartphone type lock systems for example the standard is 128 bit AES encryption which means that the signal going from the phone to the lock and otherwise is encrypted in the same way banks are using to protect various financial transactions.

Reno locksmith key-less entry lock system
Although there is a growing market for key-less entry lock systems in residential settings, today, they are all ready being used in many types of commercial applications. Many office buildings who worry about security breaches can potentially benefit from these types of advance lock systems. Retail stores who need to protect their inventory from theft by customers or even employees will find key-less entry lock systems a "blessing" for the security of the store.

For more information about key-less entry lock systems for commercial properties, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno (775) 276-5673.

Ignition Switch Service

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Automotive Frozen Locks

Locksmith Reno frozen car lock
Although Portland does not considered much of a colder city in comparison to Seattle or other places in the Northwest that usually see snow frequently, it does endure colder temperatures during the pick months of winter. Along with colder temperatures, some weather related inconveniences may occur as well such as bad road conditions, and frozen locks as well! There is nothing more frustrating than waking up in the morning to the cold weather, getting ready to leave for work only to discover the door lock on your car froze over during the night. However, before making that call to the local locksmith to bail you out, there are few things you might be able to do for yourself in order to resolve the situation.

There are many de-icer can products that are being sold on auto-parts, hardware, or even some grocery stores. Using a can of de-icer will help quickly to melt the ice around and inside the lock making it function again. If you don't have a can of de-icer at home, you can try and heat up the key to your vehicle. Not only you will be able to pave the way if the door handle and lock are covered with ice, you will be able to de-solve the icy cylinder by inserting the warm key inside it while jiggling to free up the internal components.

Reno locksmith frozen lock solution
A hair dryer can also be used to defeat the ice if the other ways are not an option. Using a hair dryer will not only help melting the ice around the lock and handle, you can also use it it to clear your windshields from ice or snow that got build up during the night. DIY options are always available and recommended to be used in these types of situations to save time and money. Remember to take percussion when attempting some of these methods in addition to be careful not to damage your vehicle. If you are not to sure about attempting solving this type of scenario by yourself, you can always call NorthWest Locksmith Reno!

Decorative Handle-Sets

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Changing Locks

Locksmith Reno grade 3 lock
Making a decision of what type of locks to get for your home is always the toughest. With so many types of locks in the market and places you can get them, you don't want to fall short because after all, it is the security of your home we are talking about here. There is a commercial floating around about a guy in a hardware store looking to buy a lock for his home. The store employee then offers him a Schlage lock which is one of the leading brands in the market.

Upgrading the locks is a good idea, especially if you have an old lock that was used for many years. Just like any other mechanical item, locks tend to wear out in time to the point of beyond repair, so a new lock would be necessary not to mention from one of the leading brand names in the market. However, any professional in the security and lock industry would tell you that it is not recommended to get a lock at the local hardware store.

Locksmith Reno Schlage Grade 2 lockWhat most people don't know is that that most of the locks sold in hardware store are categorized as Grade 3 locks. These are normally low quality locks that may not be a good security fit for the front or back door of your home, but mostly for indoor use such as a bedroom or a bathroom door. This is another reason why these types of locks are normally cheaper than the ones that professional locksmith technicians or companies carry.

For high quality locks, nothing beat going to a professional locksmith where they always have in stock grade 1 and 2 locks that are high quality and secure enough to protect your home. In addition, a professional locksmith will be able to provide a professional installation as well that will be backed with a warranty on the lock and service provided.

For more information about locks for your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno.

Automotive Key Make

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Retail Business Security

Locksmith Reno access control system
Theft is the #1 enemy of retail businesses. Many retail businesses constantly have to deal with theft on a daily basis. Theft such as from customers, employees, or even intruders after business hours. However, there are several different ways a retail business or other type of commercial property can combat against theft. Even though many of the methods are not "bulletproofs" the prevention rate of theft will decrease significantly.

CCTV is one of the methods used by many retail businesses, large and small. It has proven to be very efficient in catching shoplifters in the act. The problem in many retail business is that you can't have an employee in every corner of the store. That is why having a CCTV helps with covering all the property or at least all the dead spots. The benefit in a CCTV is not only the ability to observe live at what is going on in the store, but also the option to go over recordings in case there is a suspicious of a product missing whether it was during business hours or after.

When it comes to emergency exits, safety equipment such as exit devices are required by law. However, because this type of equipment allow for an easy access, many shop lifters can take advantage in order to easily escape the property without any detection. That is why exit alarms are very important to have as well. There are many exit devices and panic rims in the market that come equipped with an alarm where it will be sound immediately when the door is accessed.

Locksmith Reno CCTV
Last but not least is tracking your employees. Especially for a large retail business, tracking the employees can be very crucial in preventing any employee theft. In addition, limiting their access to specific rooms and specific hours can help as well. That is where a Master-Key or Access Control System come into play. With a Master-Key system you can easily limit employees access to certain rooms and areas in the property. However, with an Access Control system you can even track and monitor their access.

For more information about the best ways to protect your retail business, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno.

Residential Key-less Entry Lock System

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lock Change or Re-key ?

Reno locksmith lock re-key
When it comes to home security, one of the biggest debate that comes to mind is changing the locks at your home vs re-keying them. There are many factors that will come into play when making the final decision. That is why, you can always contact a locksmith for an additional opinion and recommendations for what you should do. However, in the mean time, you can take the following information into consideration.

Re-keying the locks are normally the more affordable way to ensure the security of your home in several situations. Imagine that you or another member in your household lost the key or had it stolen. In other situations, you might have a member in your household that no longer a resident in the house, but still has access to it. Most of the time, the preference of the home owners would be to keep the existing locks which in this case re-keying them would be the best solution.

In the process of re-keying the locks, they will be removed from the door and disassembled almost completely in order to get to the plug inside the cylinder and re-pin it. Re-pinning the plug with a different combination of pins will match the cylinder a new key making the old one useless and you free of any worries.

Locksmith Reno lock change
In similar situations where the security of your home got compromised, replacing the locks is also an option in order to secure your peace of mind. Although the cost of getting new locks can add up and be more expensive than a re-key, a locksmith professional would be able to do it the same day just like a re-key service. When picking new locks, we recommend paying attention to the lock's grading system and get at least Grade 2 for residential applications. This will ensure the locks are made from high quality material and can withstand most break in attempts. It is a good idea to change the locks in case you suspect the current locks are old and may be starting to wear out in which re-keying them might be a waste of time and money.

For more information or advice regarding changing or re-keying a lock, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno.

Commercial Grade Sargent Mortise Lock

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Home Security

Locksmith Reno grade 1 lockset
The problem with home security today is the fact that many intruders will most likely to try and take advantage residential properties that are not equipped with high security or higher grade locks. It is most likely than not the a home with a quality lock and additional deadbolt that are mounted on the front door of a home will quickly discourage any intruder looking for an easy break-in attempt. Back doors and garages are also a target among intruders and should have high quality protection to them as well.

There are many ways in which an intruder will attempt to break into a home and it is important to be prepared and protect your home against these methods. Methods that are being used such as prying or kicking the doors open, yanking off the lock with aggressive pair of pliers or other similar tool, spreading the door from the door frame using a crow bar, bump keying, drilling or picking the lock open, or even a key that was obtained in some way or another.

In order to seek for advice for better protecting their home, many people will turn to professionals in the field such as locksmiths or even insurance companies. Many insurance companies will have great information and certain level of standards to protect residential properties which must be followed in order to be insured with them. A locksmith technician will have even greater knowledge of higher grade locks that can be used in order to keep intruders out.

Locksmith Reno grade 1 deadbolt
When it comes to the main entrance door of a home, locksmith and insurance companies will normally recommend getting an ANSI grade 1 type of lock-set and a deadbolt. All locks in the market will usually follow the same ANSI grade system, so it is important to always pay attention to the grade of the lock when shopping for one by yourself, or even when a locksmith technician provide the lock for you. In addition, it is important to understand that different types of locks that share the same grade level, does not necessarily share the same level of security such as the different between a deadbolt and privacy lock.

For more information about home security, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gate Locks

Locksmith Reno gate latch
When it comes to gate locks, there are many types available in the market to fit a wide range of applications. Depending on the type and style of the gate, there are different ways to choose the right lock for your gate.

For convenient purposes and ease of use, there is a type of lock that will allow fast access to the gate while properly secure it once it is closed. A spring latch gate lock would do the job for you. These types of locks have spring loaded mechanism that will force the latch back once it is released which in turn will force the locking bolt to properly secure the gate. Although it will not automatically lock the gate, it will however secure it in place closed.

There is another type of latch which will give you easy access from the inside as well, but will not allow any easy access from the outside and in addition it will have the option of locking it using a padlock. This type of latch work on a slide bolt type mechanism. It will basically send the bolt that is attached to the latch on the mechanism and inside the locking bracket on the gate post.

Gate keypad locksmith Reno
If a decorative style is more of the direction you are looking for in a lock that will secure the gate which will be convenient to use as well, a thumb type latch would be the solution. These types of latches will come in different styles to compliment your gate's design which include wooden decorated gates as well. The latch based on a simple mechanism which allow opening the gate each time it will depressed using the thumb.

An electric type gate lock is the latest technology in gate security. These types of locks would normally come with several options and features that will give the user all the control he needs. These types of locks will normally come in a form of key-less entry interface, access control, remote access, and more!

For more information about security lock systems for your gate, contact NorthWest Locksmith Reno.

Residential Lockout Services

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


mechanical lockbox locksmith Reno
Many real estate agents will use lock-boxes in order to secure a residential property access keys that are in the market for sale. Although they originated few decades ago, the system has changed and so are the different types of lock-boxes that are available in the market today. There are two types of lock-boxes that are the most common today with many real estate agents. The first one is the mechanical type. This type of lock-box would normally work like some sort of a safe or a padlock having a dial to reach the correct combination in order to unlock the box versus the old method of using a key.

The other type of lock-boxes would be an electronic. although it have been in the market for many years, it is still consider to be as a newer technology version from the old mechanical type boxes. What makes these boxes so special is the fact that they can automatically record any user who was accessing the box. The dial like in the mechanical type lock-box was replaced by a digital keypad where the special code can be entered in order to unlock the box.

Reno locksmith electronic lockboxA lock-box in general is a convenient way for real estate companies to conduct business. Instead of the old way setting up an appointment with only one of the agents that may have the key to access the property, now all the authorized agents in the same office can assist people in showing the property. This type of convenience will help increase the showing of the property for sale.

Another benefit of using a lock-box as a mean by real estate agents or contractors is the fact that it can be placed anywhere on the property and not necessarily be visible by the door. This can be particularly beneficiary when you want to avoid people thinking the property is empty. There are many places around the property where real estate agents tend to store the lock-boxes for security reasons such as near gas meters for example where it will not be visible.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Avoiding Lockout

Locksmith Reno residential lockout
Many people had the stressful experience of being locked out of their home. However, there are many things that can be done in a situation like that without having to call a professional locksmith in order to bail you out. In order to provide a solution for these types of situations, a protection backup plan must be made. However, it should not come on the expense of your home security.

The first thing to do to prepare yourself for a lockout type of situation is keeping extra keys. Keeping an extra key in your wallet for example can be a great backup plan in case your main set of keys are lost, forgotten or misplaced. One of the disadvantages in a plan such as that could be the fact that you might not have the wallet with you at all times.

A second solution would be hiding a set of keys in a safe place. There are many small key boxes in the market that can be purchased in order to put keys inside them and hide the box in a place where it will not be noticeable to the public. A good example is a lock box that many realtors use. Most of these boxes work with a code that would need to be used in order to access it.

If you are in a fairly close relationship with your neighbors, a good idea would be leaving a copy of your key with them as well. It is a safe solution where you would know that the key won't fall into the wrong hands by mistake, something that can happen if you hide it in the wrong place. The only disadvantage with this solution would be the availability of the neighbor in that particular time of emergency.

Locksmith Reno keyless entry lock
Last but not least is the ultimate solution of upgrading your locks to a key-less entry lock system. One of the growing technology nowadays for home security is the use of key-less entry lock systems. These types of locks completely eliminate the need to manage the keys to your home. With tyes of locks such as keypads and bio-metric systems, you won't have to worry about tracking your keys ever again!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

High Security Locks for Discounts

High security locks Reno locksmith
Often I would hear stories that customer would tell me from previous experience calling a professional locksmith to do a service. I got a call recently from a customer who needed the locks at her home changed. During the time I was working on the locks, she told me about a time she was locked out of her home and had to call a locksmith for a lockout service. She said the technician was able to come and get her inside her house in no time. However, that was not why she was telling me the story. The point of the tale was what the technician actually told her while unlocking the lock. He mentioned that upgrading the locks on the doors surrounding her home will give her a major reduction in her home insurance payments.

As she was telling me the story, I understood why she had called to have her lock changes to an upgraded lock system. Monthly insurance payments can be expensive and many professional locksmith and security companies know that insurance companies do reward home owners for having good security features on their home such as high security locks and even a deadbolt lock!

Most of the time, people will go to the hardware store to buy locks. Most don't know, but the locks being sold there, have a particular grading system on them. This type of grade system was specifically implemented by various professional institutes and associations to further give the customer information about the product he/she about to purchase. The grading system is very simple divided to 3 different grades 1, 2 and 3 with 1 being the most secure with the highest quality. However, most homeowners do not comprehend the difference between these types of locks. This is when a professional locksmith comes into the picture.

Reno locksmith deadbolt
Most insurance companies will have policies where they would offer discounts if you have a particular lock system installed. Just to be on the safe side, it is always recommended calling the insurance company first and see if you qualify for a discount in case a high security lock was installed in your home. Most of the time, if the insurance company will confirm they offer such discount, they will require having one of the locksmith companies they work with to come and do the installation or at least inspect the installation and product if was done by a different locksmith technician or company. This process may sound expensive, but will save money in the long run on monthly insurance payments.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Securing a Simplex Lock

Simplex lock Reno locksmith
Key-less entry locks became very popular in recent years especially for commercial applications. Normally, key-less entry locks is a secure way for a business owner to keep track of his employees by assigning user ID's and codes for each employee thus being able to keep track on them getting in and out of the business. In case an employee leaves or get fired, his or her ID can be easily removed from the system. Most locksmith technicians provide key-less entry lock system services. However, sometime, the customer will ask for an unconventional solution where the locksmith technician will have to be creative.

 A while back I remember getting a call from a customer who has a small store in the area and wanted to upgrade the lock system on the back door of the store to a key-less entry lock system. Luckily, I just got an order of few key-less entry locks, so I had various options for him to choose from. He mentioned that it's a small store and he probably have around 10 employees working shifts, so I knew he won't have a need for a lock that had large multi-user capabilities.

When I arrived to the store, the owner showed me the door where he wanted the lock to be installed. It seemed that the best solution for what he wanted and the type of door he had there was a Simplex type key-less entry lock. After agreeing on the option, I started the installation which didn't take very long. I then helped the customer program the lock for the number of users and codes to access.

Locksmith Reno Simplex lock
Just as I thought I finished with the job, the owner than ask me to figure out a way that will prevent the employees from accessing the store after closing hours. As far as I knew, there was no particular way to program such function on the Simplex lock, so I had to come up with something creative. I called a Reno locksmith co-worker of mine to consult and he gave me the idea of incorporating a padlock that would eliminate the use of the Simplex handle one locked.

After looking at the Simplex lock and thinking of a way to design the solution, I figured that I would probably need a long shackled padlock to allow for a secure way preventing the handle of the lock from moving once locked. I had to drill and install an "eye" type bolt on the door. Once everything was in place, the arrangement tested successfully. Now when the last employee leaves the store at night and use the padlock to secure the Simplex handle, no one would be able to come and access the store even if they will use the correct code.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Automotive Lock Pick

Locksmith Reno Honda Accord
Automotive lockout services are the most common service a locksmith technician would do during his/her years in the field. The procedure for unlocking the vehicle really depends on the type of security a vehicle would have. Even models from the same manufacturer will have different ways a locksmith technician would need to use in order to unlock a particular model. Most locksmith technicians follow a certain guide for the best way to unlock a vehicle without damaging the lock or the vehicle. However, not all the time the method mentioned in the guide to unlock a vehicle would work.

I got a call a while back from a customer who locked himself out of his 98 Honda Accord. He said that normally he uses his remote to lock and unlock the vehicle, but recently the remote started to malfunction,so he had to start using his keys to lock the vehicle. I've seen it many times before when people are used to using their vehicle's remotes that when they have to use their keys, they often tend to forget them inside the vehicle while locking it.

Normally, when I approach to a lockout service for a vehicle I did not service before, I always check the guide for the best and easiest way to unlock it. With this particular vehicle, picking seem to be the best way to approach it. However, as I started picking the driver's side door lock, it seem to feel a little different and for some reason I had great difficulty picking and turning it. I then tried doing the same on the passenger side lock only to experience even more difficulty picking.

Reno locksmith Honda Accord lockout
I called a Reno locksmith co-worker of mine who I knew had more experience picking than I did and asked him for some tips. After explaining him the circumstances, he said that it is a very common problem with models that are equipped with fobs to control the locking mechanism of the vehicle. Since the locks are not being used to often, the pins inside tend to freeze up which cause the lock to malfunction. He said that the easiest way to overcome the issue is by lubricating it as much as possible and use a blank key to work the lock at the same time. After about five minutes of working on the lock with WD-40 and a blank key, I made another attempt of picking the lock which luckily was successful.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Nissan Key Make

Locksmith Reno Nissan 240SX
Unlike originating a key from scratch, there isn't much involved when it comes to duplicating an automotive key. However, it does depends on the circumstances such as the make and model, original key condition, and more. A locksmith technician would usually get all the required information needed from the original key, but there are many times where they key is worn out, that it won't be practical to get the necessary cuts from it in order to make a new key.

A few years ago, I remember getting a call from a customer who accidentally broke the key of his Nissan 240SX inside the door lock as he was trying to unlock it. The customer also mentioned that he would probably need a new key as well since he didn't have a spare. At that time, I don'r recall ever making a key for this or any other similar Nissan models, but since he "sort of" had the original key, I figured I could probably improvise a duplication.

Once I got to the customer's location, first thing I needed to do was getting the broken piece of the key out of the door lock. It took me a while to work on it, but I was able to get it out. However, the broken piece seemed to be distorted and worn out which explained why it broke inside the lock, but also prevented me from reading the cuts properly in order to duplicate a working key off of it. At this point, I figured I would probably need to disassemble the door or ignition lock the get the code off of it.

Nissan 240sx locksmith Reno
Since I never worked on this type of vehicle, I wasn't really sure where I could find the stamped code that was required for originating a key, so I decided to call a Reno locksmith co worker of mine to see if he could help me with the situation. He mentioned that the code should be stamped on the door lock cylinder and he was more than happy to explain how to get to it, but he also mentioned it was not necessary. Apparently, on these Nissan models there should be a code stamped on the key itself. The reason I was not aware of it was because the code was hiding under the head of the key rubber coating.

I then asked the customer, for the head piece of the key. As I started working on the rubber coating, I started noticing the stamped number under it. After I had all the coating peeled, all I needed to do was look-up the codes in the book and create the key in my machine.  

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Motorcycle Gas Tank Key

Motorcycle locksmith Reno
As a locksmith technician most of the work I do it seem to be automotive services such as lockouts, ignition cylinder repairs, ignition cylinders replacements, key origination and few others. Most services are obviously for vehicles, but every now and then I would get called to service a motorcycle which is very rare thus I don't have much practice servicing them. Most of the time it will happen where I would need to service a motorcycle it would be for originating a key.

A while back I remember getting a call from a customer who just got a new motorcycle few days before and while he was driving it for few days he did not pay attention to the gas tank which went empty and left him stranded not to far from a gas station. Once he got to the gas station he came to realize that the key he had for the ignition of the motorcycle did not open the gas tank of the motorcycle. After letting him finish his story, I took his info and immediately called a Reno locksmith co-worker of mine for some info about the key needed.

According to my co-worker, the type of motorcycle the customer claimed to have was using a tubular lock to protect the gas tank. Luckily I did have a blank for these types of locks, so I knew I didn't have to make any stops on my way to the customer's location. I headed to the gas station where the customer was and the first thing I did was testing the blank key I had to make sure it was the correct one for the customer's motorcycle gas tank.

Reno locksmith motorcycle
As soon as I inserted the key blank into the gas tank lock, it seemed I was able to operate it. Not only that, but I was actually able to open it as well. This was something I did not encountered with all my years as a locksmith technician. At that point, the customer's friends came on their motorcycles to the gas station as well. I then decided to test it on few of their motorcycles as well that had a gas tank with a tubular lock and on all of them I was able to unlock the gas tank. I have to admit that was the fastest key origination job I ever had to do.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Restricted Key-Way Lockout

Reno locksmith restricted key-way
Lockout services are the most common when it comes to the work an average locksmith does throughout his years in the field. Most are fairly simple, no hassle type of lockouts, but there are few exceptions. Out of residential, automotive, or commercial lockout services, commercial would be the hardest even for the above average experience locksmith technician. Most businesses are equipped with high security commercial grade lock or other types of unique security lock system which may be nearly impossible to hack without damaging it such as restricted key-way lock system. Restricted key-way lock will incorporate a unique combination inside it joined with a unique key that will not be possible to duplicate by any other professional except the certified locksmith who installed it. Most of the time, this type of lock system will even be pick proof depending on the type of cylinder being used.

Few years ago I remember getting a call from a local store where the customer claimed he has lost the key. He didn't give too much information on the phone, but from what I could tell, the store was probably equipped with a Mortise type lock. I took the customer's information and I was on my way to his store. Once I got to the customer's location, I did a quick inspection of the lock and saw it was a Mortise type lock as I suspected. I grabbed my pick tool set from the van and quickly started to work on unlocking the door. For some reason, I was not able to get ahead much with picking, so I decided to go with an alternative and just drill the plug.

Restricted key-way Reno locksmith
Unfortunately, as I examined the lock a little closer, I suspected it was a restricted key-way plug which meant it would have taken a few weeks for a new plug to arrive which wasn't an option at that point. I decided to call a fellow Reno locksmith technician which I knew had more experience than I did working with commercial type locks. Once I got him on the phone and explained the situation, he said there might be a way to avoid drilling and damaging the restricted key-way plug.

The process started by inserting an uncut key blank into the key-way and drilling a small hole just above the plug which will drill through all six pins. Next, I had to remove the blank and use one of the pick from my set to push the bottom pins which allowed me to turn the plug and unlock the door. All I had to do after the door opened was to replace the cylinder shell I drilled with a nother one and re-key the plug.