Monday, October 26, 2015

Key Control

Locksmith Reno key control
Key Management systems is the perfect solution for business properties who are expose to the security threat of keys or other form of access being duplicated and used by unauthorized people. In such management system, there area wide range of cylinders and key-ways that can be used to implement it. The Classic and Everest are the most common when it comes to high security key systems.

Classic key-ways are actually just the standard traditional keys that can be used in the system where rooms or department in the property which does not require higher level of security. The Everest high security keys on the other home have a unique design which include a patented undercut groove on the side which normally will be mated with the Primus cylinder as well. Both come from the leading lock manufacturer Schlage.

A traditional cylinder is the type that are used mostly on low security applications, however, the Primus type was designed to provide higher level of security with a sidebar that enable key control. This type of high security cylinder is also pick and bump resistance and can be restricted to a certain geographic areas. In addition, the Primus cylinder can resist other types of abuses such as drilling for example. The advantage of the Primus cylinder comes with the fact that the mated Everest high security key can operate both the Primus and traditional cylinders that installed around the property as well. However, the keys that can operate the traditional cylinders will not be able to operate the Primus type.  

Locksmith Reno Primus cylinder
Both restricted and none restricted key-ways can be used in the same key control system. In order to get none restricted key-way cylinders and keys from the manufacturer or through a locksmith shop nothing special is involved in the process which is one of the reasons they do not provide high level of security. However, restricted key-way cylinders and keys which provide limited use, have better level of key control as well. In order to get restricted key-way cylinders and keys, a special authorization would have to be submitted with the order and any key blanks that will be needed in the future would only be approved using the same authorization.

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