Thursday, March 31, 2016

Smart Lock Devices

Locksmith Reno August smart lock device
If you were looking to add some technology to the security of your home, but you are on a budget, there are several products that available in the market. The August smart lock device and the Lockitron are devices with advance technological features in which do not require the help of a professional locksmith Reno for the installation.

The August smart lock device was not intended to replace the existing deadbolt on your door. The August is incorporated with a Bluetooth technology yet like a significant number of other products the organization offers a Wi-Fi  adapter, the August Connect is available as well. Although the August Connect adds several seconds to the time that it will take to open your lock, it will enable the lock to be controlled from anywhere you are.

The August will likewise utilize a GPS signal to tell when you are near the door so that the deadbolt will open automatically. Visitors will obviously won't be subject to the auto unlock feature. Such feature will only be available for admins who are registered as such in the system of the lock. It is possible to give visitors such control by giving admins rights, but you will not be able to add restrictions on their control. Additional features are available with the August lock such as the everlock which will allow you to set a specific time for the lock to lock once the door is closed.

Locksmith Reno Lockitron smart lock
The Lockitron is another line of devices that will take your existing deadbolt into the future of security. The latest model will not fit over the existing deadbolt like the older model, but will replace the entire exterior side of it. By itself, the Lockitron uses Bluetooth technology in order to communicate with your Smartphone. Once the lock and system is fully operational, you will have the option to share access through the phone with other people. If the Lockitron Bridge is used, you will have the option to use WiFi as well.

With Wi-Fi empowered you can likewise get constant reports on your lock's use. These notifications are likewise sent when the lock is opened by the utilization of the key or operation of the lever. Your entryway will likewise open as you approach the entryway, like the August lock.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Master Key System

Locksmith Reno Master Key system
Most businesses don't need their workers to carry with them many different keys to the property. Likewise, these companies might want to limit access depending on the employee level in the company and the types of responsibilities the employee has. Implementation of a Master-Key system will enable the possibility of setting different levels of restrictions accessing different parts in the property. Once the system is fully implemented, there would be several levels of accessibility.

A good example would be an apartment complex property where a tenant will have a key that will access only his or her apartment while the property manager will most likely have a key that can unlock multiple units in that property. The possibilities are endless and depending on the type of lock and number of pins inside it, the number of unique keys in a Master-Key system can be made.

There are extra security measures that can be incorporated in a Master-Key system implementation. Auxiliary precautions would make it very difficult to pick or decode a lock that is part of a Master-Key system. It consists of adding elements that would make decoding a particular cylinder and key in a Master-Key system almost impossible. Most of the time when implementing a Master-Key system, it does not have to be based on a pin tumbler lock. Disk detainer locks can be used in a Master-Key system to assemble a more complex and secure solution. As more security features are added, the lock system itself becomes more complex. A professional locksmith will normally be able to assist you understand the limitation of the system and implement it.  

The bottom line is that a Master-Key system will enable 2 or more keys to operate one lock. As any other locksmith will tell you, one thing to take into consideration when thinking of implementing a Master-Key system is the fact that all locks in the system have to be of the same manufacturer. Despite the fact that these types of system regularly utilize pin tumbler locks, they can utilize distinctive type of locks in order to implement different levels of security.

Reno locksmith Master Key
The greater benefit of a Master-Key system is the fact it will limit the number of keys required to access multiple locks in a property. The complexion of a Master-Key system is up to you and by introducing higher level of keys such as the Grand Master-Key and a Great Grand Master-Key. A locksmith in Reno will be able to configure a lock with as many keys as you will need to have access to a certain lock.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bluetooth Operated Locks

Reno locksmith Kwikset Kevo deadbolt
There are many types of lock systems in the market nowadays which has many types of unique key-less entry features. However, not all of them will give you the option to be controlled using your own Smartphone. The following is a description of different unique lock systems for your home in which can be controlled by a Smartphone through Bluetooth capabilities.

The Kevo deadbolt by Kwikset seems like just any other type of lock, however it's consist of unique elements, for example it has Bluetooth capabilities where it can be unlocked using your phone and transferable access through Smartphones as well. You can unlock the Kevo just by engaging the Smartphone with it, or by using the intended app.

Kevo recognizes whether you're outside or in your home, keeping you from coincidentally unlocking your entryway from within. Moreover if your telephone is lost or stolen, you can get to your records through signing into the application on an alternate Smartphone. The battery can last up to 12 months on replaceable batteries, and installation can either be done by you or the local locksmith in Reno.

Locksmith Reno Lockitron lock system
The Lockitron is a retro looking lock that will work with any sort of phone even if it’s not a Smartphone. It has Bluetooth capabilities which will allow you to control the locking status of the lock as well as giving you the option to transfer access all through your Smartphone. The neat feature about this lock is the fact it will automatically unlock the door as you approach recognizing your Smartphone as an associated device.

Different than other types of locks or locking devices in its category, the Lockitron will allow authorized access using a text message form which requires monthly subscription. This is especially useful if you don't own a Smartphone but still want futuristic lock system capabilities. The best part is, it does not require the help of a professional locksmith for the installation as it simply fitted on top of your existing lock system.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Locks and Security

Home security Reno locksmithIt is each property holder's objective to guarantee that their homes are constantly secured. Since their house is their family's shelter, not to mention a big investment, it is of home owners’ interest to make sure that they have the best possible security solution for their property. Not just for keeping all the valuables at home safe, but also to guarantee peace of mind at night while sleeping or even while away on vacation.

So what is home security all about? When it comes to the security of your home, as a professional locksmith company, we can provide you with several things to consider.

• Invest as much as you can on a proper home security system. It doesn't generally need to be the most costly, however, not go for the least expensive lock that would turn and open with the utilization of the most basic tools. Do your search on locks and security systems that provide high level of security and would make it difficult on intruders to break into your home.

Locksmith Reno home security • If you need to have the best home security framework that is available in today's market, then you would probably want to take an opportunity to talk with a local locksmith in Reno. A professional locksmith will be able to give you an insight on the leading security lock systems in the industry which may be a good fit for your home security needs.

The bottom line is that it doesn't take a lot of mind to come up with a plan to make your home more secure. The important thing is to find a dependable Reno locksmith company and know exactly what you are looking for.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Transponder Keys

Reno locksmith transponder key
As part of our wide range of locksmith services, we offer automotive key services including transponder keys as well. We are perceived as experts inside of the automotive key industry and we stock keys for most current and old make and model vehicles in the market. We normally guarantee faster automotive key make service faster than at a lower price than the dealer.

Faster than the dealer...

Most automotive dealerships don't frequently manage issues identified with a vehicle's key. That is why they don't have selection of keys in stock and will not be promptly accessible around the same time you require them. Waiting for a key to be sourced from a different location and be made can take days.

Most locksmiths in Reno are providing a solution to that situation by stocking a wide range of keys for most make and model vehicles, so when a new key is in need, the customer won't have to wait several days to have it made and instead would be accommodated at the same day. What improves the services of a Reno locksmith even more is the fact that all of the keys you purchase from the company will be less expensive than if you really had the key bought and made at the dealer.

The differences with traditional and transponder keys...

Most vehicles in recent years have a key incorporated which is doing a job of 3 keys.
These keys work mechanically permitting manual opening of the vehicle's door, the ignition key along with a transponder chip that is embedded into the key and required to starting the vehicle and a remote control key to permit controlling the locking mechanism remotely.

Older model vehicles were not so efficient when it came to the keys. Even nowadays, not all vehicles incorporate remote locking technology. You can particularly notice its absence on rental cars.

Locksmith Reno transponder key
A standard key will normally operate the door, trunk and even the ignition cylinder of the vehicle without starting it. This means that that particular vehicle work with a transponder chip system.

Transponder Keys have genuine transponder chips inserted into the plastic cover of the key. They are customized with a specific code that your vehicle will perceive. As you turn the key in the ignition the code is perused and in the event that it is observed to be lost or not the correct one, the vehicle essentially won't start. For that particular reason, anytime a transponder key is made, the locksmith would have to program it in order for it to work.