Monday, October 19, 2015

Lock System Innovation

Locksmith Reno keyless entry lock
As technology takes us to new places every day, some of it becoming an integral part of security as well. Nowadays, key-less entry lock systems in many forms have become the standard in home and business security. Even though, residential property owners are slowly starting to adapt to the new technology, many commercial property owners already started to make the change.

The biggest benefit of any type of key-less entry lock system is the ability to control user access. Most of these lock systems have the capability to customize user access whether it is to allow or restrict. When it comes to commercial property settings, an employee may have an access card, a code, or other device which will allow access through certain doors in the property. These rights can easily be added or removed using the lock system interface. This type of feature removes any worry from business owners in which former employees used to make key copies of the property which set a serious security threat to the business. If a key card, or any other type of access device has been lost or stolen, it can easily be removed from the system with the press of a button.

When it comes to digital and electronic lock systems, many raised concerns about computer based hacking attacks. However, many of the lock systems manufactures who incorporate WiFi technology are taking several measures to combat these types of concerns. On smartphone type lock systems for example the standard is 128 bit AES encryption which means that the signal going from the phone to the lock and otherwise is encrypted in the same way banks are using to protect various financial transactions.

Reno locksmith key-less entry lock system
Although there is a growing market for key-less entry lock systems in residential settings, today, they are all ready being used in many types of commercial applications. Many office buildings who worry about security breaches can potentially benefit from these types of advance lock systems. Retail stores who need to protect their inventory from theft by customers or even employees will find key-less entry lock systems a "blessing" for the security of the store.

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