Friday, April 17, 2015

Automotive Lock Pick

Locksmith Reno Honda Accord
Automotive lockout services are the most common service a locksmith technician would do during his/her years in the field. The procedure for unlocking the vehicle really depends on the type of security a vehicle would have. Even models from the same manufacturer will have different ways a locksmith technician would need to use in order to unlock a particular model. Most locksmith technicians follow a certain guide for the best way to unlock a vehicle without damaging the lock or the vehicle. However, not all the time the method mentioned in the guide to unlock a vehicle would work.

I got a call a while back from a customer who locked himself out of his 98 Honda Accord. He said that normally he uses his remote to lock and unlock the vehicle, but recently the remote started to malfunction,so he had to start using his keys to lock the vehicle. I've seen it many times before when people are used to using their vehicle's remotes that when they have to use their keys, they often tend to forget them inside the vehicle while locking it.

Normally, when I approach to a lockout service for a vehicle I did not service before, I always check the guide for the best and easiest way to unlock it. With this particular vehicle, picking seem to be the best way to approach it. However, as I started picking the driver's side door lock, it seem to feel a little different and for some reason I had great difficulty picking and turning it. I then tried doing the same on the passenger side lock only to experience even more difficulty picking.

Reno locksmith Honda Accord lockout
I called a Reno locksmith co-worker of mine who I knew had more experience picking than I did and asked him for some tips. After explaining him the circumstances, he said that it is a very common problem with models that are equipped with fobs to control the locking mechanism of the vehicle. Since the locks are not being used to often, the pins inside tend to freeze up which cause the lock to malfunction. He said that the easiest way to overcome the issue is by lubricating it as much as possible and use a blank key to work the lock at the same time. After about five minutes of working on the lock with WD-40 and a blank key, I made another attempt of picking the lock which luckily was successful.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Nissan Key Make

Locksmith Reno Nissan 240SX
Unlike originating a key from scratch, there isn't much involved when it comes to duplicating an automotive key. However, it does depends on the circumstances such as the make and model, original key condition, and more. A locksmith technician would usually get all the required information needed from the original key, but there are many times where they key is worn out, that it won't be practical to get the necessary cuts from it in order to make a new key.

A few years ago, I remember getting a call from a customer who accidentally broke the key of his Nissan 240SX inside the door lock as he was trying to unlock it. The customer also mentioned that he would probably need a new key as well since he didn't have a spare. At that time, I don'r recall ever making a key for this or any other similar Nissan models, but since he "sort of" had the original key, I figured I could probably improvise a duplication.

Once I got to the customer's location, first thing I needed to do was getting the broken piece of the key out of the door lock. It took me a while to work on it, but I was able to get it out. However, the broken piece seemed to be distorted and worn out which explained why it broke inside the lock, but also prevented me from reading the cuts properly in order to duplicate a working key off of it. At this point, I figured I would probably need to disassemble the door or ignition lock the get the code off of it.

Nissan 240sx locksmith Reno
Since I never worked on this type of vehicle, I wasn't really sure where I could find the stamped code that was required for originating a key, so I decided to call a Reno locksmith co worker of mine to see if he could help me with the situation. He mentioned that the code should be stamped on the door lock cylinder and he was more than happy to explain how to get to it, but he also mentioned it was not necessary. Apparently, on these Nissan models there should be a code stamped on the key itself. The reason I was not aware of it was because the code was hiding under the head of the key rubber coating.

I then asked the customer, for the head piece of the key. As I started working on the rubber coating, I started noticing the stamped number under it. After I had all the coating peeled, all I needed to do was look-up the codes in the book and create the key in my machine.  

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