Friday, September 26, 2014

Advertising Your Locksmith Business

The simplest way to get your new locksmith business going is business cards. The
card should point on the main services that you offer and have a clear presentation of your and company name, phone number, and website they can visit (if you have one), so they can get some more info about services you offer. You should also keep it simple and easy to read.

Business cards can be used in many ways to be effective. Always keep the cards handy, so you can give them to your customers in case they would need your services in the future especially commercial property customers as those can be a long term business relationship. It is also a good practice to make arrangement with business stores in the area such as hardware stores, service stations, auto parts store, and more, where they can put your business cards by their cash registers, so they will be visible for the customers who come to the store. A good practice will also be arranging door-to-door distribution of your business card around the closest neighborhoods around you.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gas Cap Key Trick

This is a trick I learned from a fellow locksmith technician I was working with before. The trick is about using the keys from those universal gas caps you can pretty much find in any auto parts store. They usually cost only few dollars and well worth the investment. I use those keys to unlocking security bars, desk locks, and file cabinets all that have wafer type locks.

I have made a spin-off version of that key that I use to pick pin tumbler locks. Using my version of the key, keeps me from using a turning tool more often. I had a lot of success with the key that now when I need to pick a pin tumbler type of lock, I try to work with that key first. Follow the link for more interesting locksmith tips.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Key Blank Trick

This is something I learned from a fellow locksmith technician who educated me on most of the tricks and techniques in the job I know today. During one of my lessons on re-pinning and re-keying pin tumbler locks, I came across a quick and accurate way to mark a key blank for filing.

I use a fine line Sanford Sharpie permanent marking pen to mark the key blank for filing. I have found that the Sharpie affords the locksmith a perfect dead-center mark on virtually any key blank. The barrel on the fine line pen is just the right circumference and length to fit into the pin holes of the lock's cylinder without marring or scratching it, and the permanent ink does not smudge or rub off.

In addition, the tip of the fine line pen is small enough to make legible mark on pins, so now you can number each pin as they are removed from the cylinder. I have found this method to be fool proof and have used it on all of the re-pinning jobs that I got. I encourage any locksmith technician to try it, it will save a lot of time.

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