Wednesday, July 1, 2015


mechanical lockbox locksmith Reno
Many real estate agents will use lock-boxes in order to secure a residential property access keys that are in the market for sale. Although they originated few decades ago, the system has changed and so are the different types of lock-boxes that are available in the market today. There are two types of lock-boxes that are the most common today with many real estate agents. The first one is the mechanical type. This type of lock-box would normally work like some sort of a safe or a padlock having a dial to reach the correct combination in order to unlock the box versus the old method of using a key.

The other type of lock-boxes would be an electronic. although it have been in the market for many years, it is still consider to be as a newer technology version from the old mechanical type boxes. What makes these boxes so special is the fact that they can automatically record any user who was accessing the box. The dial like in the mechanical type lock-box was replaced by a digital keypad where the special code can be entered in order to unlock the box.

Reno locksmith electronic lockboxA lock-box in general is a convenient way for real estate companies to conduct business. Instead of the old way setting up an appointment with only one of the agents that may have the key to access the property, now all the authorized agents in the same office can assist people in showing the property. This type of convenience will help increase the showing of the property for sale.

Another benefit of using a lock-box as a mean by real estate agents or contractors is the fact that it can be placed anywhere on the property and not necessarily be visible by the door. This can be particularly beneficiary when you want to avoid people thinking the property is empty. There are many places around the property where real estate agents tend to store the lock-boxes for security reasons such as near gas meters for example where it will not be visible.

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