Monday, December 22, 2014

Ford Ignition Tip

I found that the most common issue with older Ford models ignitions is that the ears on the exterior of the ignition tend to wear out or break most of the time which will allow the ignition to spin even if there is no key in it. For this type of issue there are few solutions. One of them that is the most common which many locksmith technicians use which is using a roll pin that will prevent the worn out ears from spinning the ignition. This will work on most Ford 10-cut ignition.

I did find another solution however using a lab pin. The way that it works, the ignition would need to be removed first from the steering column. Once the ignition cylinder is out, the key-way face plate will need to be aligned using a blank key. Then the final step would be to drill a hole large enough to fit the lab pin in it. When inserting the lab pin, it is recommended to use superglue or other similar product to prevent from it to move or fall out.

Using the roll pin method can be very secure for this type of fix, but for me it seem that using the lab pin will work just as good and takes much less time to work with. In addition, it can easily be found in every professional locksmith pinning kit. The last time I services this type of ignition was over a year ago and I never heard any complains from the customer or any other customer before hand in which I applied the same fix on the other Ford ignition jobs.

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