Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lock Fix

I had a customer recently who called to complain about her lock not opening while she is turning the key. Like any other locksmith in this case, I suspected it must be a broken tail piece, so I decided to take the job and head onto the customer's address. However, by the time I got to her home, it seem that she was already able to get inside her home from a different door. She attempted to remove the thumb-turn on the damaged lock and broke the bolt mechanism while trying to force the bolt back inside.  

Once I got to examine the lock, I came to find that the tailpiece and retainer were actually intact and in operating condition which led me to believe there may be a different issue with the lock. Further inspection of the lock showed that the the bolt was removed, but for some reason the door would still not open. It seem like the door was very tight to fit the door jamb, so I had to use a small pry-bar and spread the jambs as much as I could. When I did that, I noticed that the two screws that hold the latch-bolt to the door seem to be loose and was rubbing against the strike which in turn caused the door to be locked. To solve it, I pushed the screws back and was able to finally open the door. After filling the screw holes with small wooden plugs with some Locktite on them, I left them to dry several minuted and put a new bolt in. It seem that the lock worked just fine after that.

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