Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spare Tire Key Tip

A trick that not many locksmith technicians in the field knows is that when there is a job to cut a Ford spare tire key and you notice that the key is too long to fit into the key cutting machine, a home made key can be made as an alternative which should work just as good as the original and the importantly, can be cut on the key machine.

In order to accomplish that, there will be a need to find a garden center in the area and find a round plastic rod that is usually used to steak tomatoes. Once you accomplish that and you have the rod in your possession,  six inches should be cut off from the rod in which a slot will be cut and made at the end side of it. The next step would be to get an X-7 key blank and file the sides off the head of the key. Then two holes would need to be drilled into the rod, and two holes drilled into the customized key blank as well.

Once the process is done, the customer key will be ready to be duplicated. However, before starting the duplication process, two small screws and two nuts will need to be used in order to stick the key along to the rod. When the key is done, in order for it to be more convenient to be used,  a ring can be added to the other end of the rod, so it will be easier to turn.

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