Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lock Types

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In every type of field people like to do researches and make sure they are getting the best product and their money worth. In the security business its no different. The question that is commonly being asked is what is the best door lock that is in the market and can provide the best protection to your residential property. The answer is mostly depends on the type of settings the lock will be used for.

There are door locks in some settings which their sole purpose is to keep people in and not out which will use an entirely different mechanism than other locks which meant to protect a home or a work place. The level of security is another aspect to be looked at when searching for the right lock and will be significantly relying on a particular budget the household or business has set. As a home or business owner, you'll always want to look for a lock system that can provide the best protection for an affordable price.

Spring loaded door locks is the most common type of lock around the country. It uses a spring to keep the locking mechanism in place. This type of lock will normally only provide the most basic level of protection to your home. Although they will serve the purpose of keeping the door closed and lock, the average burglar would be able to easily defeat the lock with the most basic tools. It can be disabled by tampering with the spring's mechanism or by damaging the lock using forced entry by drilling or prying.

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To combat some of these methods used by intruders in order to break into homes, first it would be recommended making sure you have a secondary lock installed on the front door of your home such as a deadbolt. Secondly, to protect the locks from getting drilled, there are some anti-drilling lock systems available in the market which comes both in forms of spring loaded locks and deadbolts as well. They include specific hardware that will defeat any type of drill bit that might be used to penetrate the lock.

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