Friday, July 24, 2015

Home Security

Locksmith Reno grade 1 lockset
The problem with home security today is the fact that many intruders will most likely to try and take advantage residential properties that are not equipped with high security or higher grade locks. It is most likely than not the a home with a quality lock and additional deadbolt that are mounted on the front door of a home will quickly discourage any intruder looking for an easy break-in attempt. Back doors and garages are also a target among intruders and should have high quality protection to them as well.

There are many ways in which an intruder will attempt to break into a home and it is important to be prepared and protect your home against these methods. Methods that are being used such as prying or kicking the doors open, yanking off the lock with aggressive pair of pliers or other similar tool, spreading the door from the door frame using a crow bar, bump keying, drilling or picking the lock open, or even a key that was obtained in some way or another.

In order to seek for advice for better protecting their home, many people will turn to professionals in the field such as locksmiths or even insurance companies. Many insurance companies will have great information and certain level of standards to protect residential properties which must be followed in order to be insured with them. A locksmith technician will have even greater knowledge of higher grade locks that can be used in order to keep intruders out.

Locksmith Reno grade 1 deadbolt
When it comes to the main entrance door of a home, locksmith and insurance companies will normally recommend getting an ANSI grade 1 type of lock-set and a deadbolt. All locks in the market will usually follow the same ANSI grade system, so it is important to always pay attention to the grade of the lock when shopping for one by yourself, or even when a locksmith technician provide the lock for you. In addition, it is important to understand that different types of locks that share the same grade level, does not necessarily share the same level of security such as the different between a deadbolt and privacy lock.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gate Locks

Locksmith Reno gate latch
When it comes to gate locks, there are many types available in the market to fit a wide range of applications. Depending on the type and style of the gate, there are different ways to choose the right lock for your gate.

For convenient purposes and ease of use, there is a type of lock that will allow fast access to the gate while properly secure it once it is closed. A spring latch gate lock would do the job for you. These types of locks have spring loaded mechanism that will force the latch back once it is released which in turn will force the locking bolt to properly secure the gate. Although it will not automatically lock the gate, it will however secure it in place closed.

There is another type of latch which will give you easy access from the inside as well, but will not allow any easy access from the outside and in addition it will have the option of locking it using a padlock. This type of latch work on a slide bolt type mechanism. It will basically send the bolt that is attached to the latch on the mechanism and inside the locking bracket on the gate post.

Gate keypad locksmith Reno
If a decorative style is more of the direction you are looking for in a lock that will secure the gate which will be convenient to use as well, a thumb type latch would be the solution. These types of latches will come in different styles to compliment your gate's design which include wooden decorated gates as well. The latch based on a simple mechanism which allow opening the gate each time it will depressed using the thumb.

An electric type gate lock is the latest technology in gate security. These types of locks would normally come with several options and features that will give the user all the control he needs. These types of locks will normally come in a form of key-less entry interface, access control, remote access, and more!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


mechanical lockbox locksmith Reno
Many real estate agents will use lock-boxes in order to secure a residential property access keys that are in the market for sale. Although they originated few decades ago, the system has changed and so are the different types of lock-boxes that are available in the market today. There are two types of lock-boxes that are the most common today with many real estate agents. The first one is the mechanical type. This type of lock-box would normally work like some sort of a safe or a padlock having a dial to reach the correct combination in order to unlock the box versus the old method of using a key.

The other type of lock-boxes would be an electronic. although it have been in the market for many years, it is still consider to be as a newer technology version from the old mechanical type boxes. What makes these boxes so special is the fact that they can automatically record any user who was accessing the box. The dial like in the mechanical type lock-box was replaced by a digital keypad where the special code can be entered in order to unlock the box.

Reno locksmith electronic lockboxA lock-box in general is a convenient way for real estate companies to conduct business. Instead of the old way setting up an appointment with only one of the agents that may have the key to access the property, now all the authorized agents in the same office can assist people in showing the property. This type of convenience will help increase the showing of the property for sale.

Another benefit of using a lock-box as a mean by real estate agents or contractors is the fact that it can be placed anywhere on the property and not necessarily be visible by the door. This can be particularly beneficiary when you want to avoid people thinking the property is empty. There are many places around the property where real estate agents tend to store the lock-boxes for security reasons such as near gas meters for example where it will not be visible.

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