Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What You Need to Know About Smart Locks

Locksmith Reno Kwikset Kevo deadbolt
The universe of innovation has taken control on most aspects of our lives including our security. Home automation is turning into the standard and at more reasonable rates for the average home owner. The big question would be, will it improve our lives? Keep in mind that with most situations you will have pros and cons. Generally, most locksmith Reno will tell you is that such change in home security will provide a convenient way of handling the security of our homes in a way we wouldn't imagine be possible several years ago.

However, is there any drawback to all of it? The Smart Lock industry would serve as a good example. Apple and Google both pioneers in the technological revolution have big arrangements for the future to be a part of innovations that will revolutionize the security industry coming up with their own versions of smart lock systems for home and business use. 

There are many claims to the fact that smart locks may put an end to lock picking and bumping. However, is it really a good idea to be depended on your Smartphone for everything in your life which in this case will include the security of your home? Before rushing to join the hype of smart locks, one should stop and think of the potential downsides. 

Locksmith Reno Schlage touchpad deadbolt
A Smart Lock or a Smart Lock device will normally be a device which is automated to lock and unlock your door through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and intended to replace the existing traditional deadbolt. It is usually operated by a Smartphone or any other type of Smart Device which has 
Android or iOS operating system hence the name "Smart Lock". The market is currently flooded with Smart Locks and new models can be seen coming out all the time. However, as great as it seems, what happens when your Smartphone is lost or runs out of battery? How would you gain access if that happens?

It is obvious to see how things can quickly go south when you have Smart Lock. Most professional Reno locksmiths will recommend having a lock that will have the best of both old and new worlds, so you will always have a backup plan. Many of the Smart Locks available in the market actually incorporate override cylinder feature in case you will need to use a key in such emergency type situation.