Sunday, September 20, 2015

Automotive Frozen Locks

Locksmith Reno frozen car lock
Although Portland does not considered much of a colder city in comparison to Seattle or other places in the Northwest that usually see snow frequently, it does endure colder temperatures during the pick months of winter. Along with colder temperatures, some weather related inconveniences may occur as well such as bad road conditions, and frozen locks as well! There is nothing more frustrating than waking up in the morning to the cold weather, getting ready to leave for work only to discover the door lock on your car froze over during the night. However, before making that call to the local locksmith to bail you out, there are few things you might be able to do for yourself in order to resolve the situation.

There are many de-icer can products that are being sold on auto-parts, hardware, or even some grocery stores. Using a can of de-icer will help quickly to melt the ice around and inside the lock making it function again. If you don't have a can of de-icer at home, you can try and heat up the key to your vehicle. Not only you will be able to pave the way if the door handle and lock are covered with ice, you will be able to de-solve the icy cylinder by inserting the warm key inside it while jiggling to free up the internal components.

Reno locksmith frozen lock solution
A hair dryer can also be used to defeat the ice if the other ways are not an option. Using a hair dryer will not only help melting the ice around the lock and handle, you can also use it it to clear your windshields from ice or snow that got build up during the night. DIY options are always available and recommended to be used in these types of situations to save time and money. Remember to take percussion when attempting some of these methods in addition to be careful not to damage your vehicle. If you are not to sure about attempting solving this type of scenario by yourself, you can always call NorthWest Locksmith Reno!

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