Friday, June 12, 2015

Avoiding Lockout

Locksmith Reno residential lockout
Many people had the stressful experience of being locked out of their home. However, there are many things that can be done in a situation like that without having to call a professional locksmith in order to bail you out. In order to provide a solution for these types of situations, a protection backup plan must be made. However, it should not come on the expense of your home security.

The first thing to do to prepare yourself for a lockout type of situation is keeping extra keys. Keeping an extra key in your wallet for example can be a great backup plan in case your main set of keys are lost, forgotten or misplaced. One of the disadvantages in a plan such as that could be the fact that you might not have the wallet with you at all times.

A second solution would be hiding a set of keys in a safe place. There are many small key boxes in the market that can be purchased in order to put keys inside them and hide the box in a place where it will not be noticeable to the public. A good example is a lock box that many realtors use. Most of these boxes work with a code that would need to be used in order to access it.

If you are in a fairly close relationship with your neighbors, a good idea would be leaving a copy of your key with them as well. It is a safe solution where you would know that the key won't fall into the wrong hands by mistake, something that can happen if you hide it in the wrong place. The only disadvantage with this solution would be the availability of the neighbor in that particular time of emergency.

Locksmith Reno keyless entry lock
Last but not least is the ultimate solution of upgrading your locks to a key-less entry lock system. One of the growing technology nowadays for home security is the use of key-less entry lock systems. These types of locks completely eliminate the need to manage the keys to your home. With tyes of locks such as keypads and bio-metric systems, you won't have to worry about tracking your keys ever again!

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