Friday, November 6, 2015

Commercial Property Security

Reno locksmith standard lock
The security of your business property should be a top priority. If your business property still secured with traditional locks and deadbolts, you should start to think of modern high security solutions in order to keep your business property safe and secure from potential intruders. Nowadays, advance security systems are well known in the form of key-card access, fingerprint and more. In order to properly protect your business from being broken into, moving towards lock systems that implement forms of security that are resistance to common methods used by intruders such as bumping and picking.

For commercial property security purposes, the only thing standard locks are good for is keeping from people walking through the front door with ease. However, when it comes to a professional burglar, its a whole different story. The chances that a traditional lever-set lock or a deadbolt stopping a burglar from breaking into your business property are very slim.

Bumping and lock picking are some  of the favorite methods used by intruders in order to defeat traditional locks. Unfortunately, the tools used for these methods are easily accessible online, fairly cheap and will allow an intruder to easily defeat a traditional lock gain entry into the property without leaving any trace. Another risk for the security of commercial properties is key duplication. Keys that are often in the hands of employees may be subject to unauthorized duplication. Forced entry methods are also used at times in order to gain entry to commercial properties which include hammering, drilling, and more.

Locksmith Reno commercial grade lock
Here at NorthWest Locksmith Reno we can help your business property to overcome these security risks bu implementing high security locks. Most high security locks that we carry come with various features that would prove common methods used by intruders to be ineffective. High security locks that we have come with an independent locking mechanism that is often impossible to pick or bumped. Some of the locks also comes with protection against unauthorized duplication ensuring no duplication would be made. Other solutions against force entry are available as well, give us a call (775) 276-5673.

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