Wednesday, November 25, 2015

High Security Locks

Locksmith Reno school lock
Maintaining high level of security and safety on a school property can be challenging at times. It is the difficulty to find the balance between restricting and allowing access to the property. In schools, there will always be certain areas which are restricted to certain teachers or other administrator staff, while other areas in the property should have access to students, teachers, and staff altogether. Many commercial lock manufacturers nowadays are offering solutions to schools and campuses where security administrator would be able to offer different levels of access throughout the property and eliminating security risks that often will come from having traditional locks.

The issue with traditional locks is the fact that most types can easily be picked open or have the keys duplicated without any restriction. However, many lock manufacturers are now offering electronic lock systems that include electronic form of access such as key cards or other type of programmable form of key. Electronic smart keys in such system can be easily deactivated in case one was misplaced or stolen using a software on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Locksmith Reno electronic key lock
In addition, new "keys" can always be added to the system to replace lost keys or when a new user is added. This will eliminate the need to call a professional locksmith to come and re-key the locks which is the case with traditional locks in a security breach type situation. Lock manufacturers designed electronic lock systems to enable time usage control access. This means that any key that will be programmed to the system can be restricted to work for a certain period of time before being deactivated. This can prevent any unnecessary after hours access to the property. This type of system also allow temporary access passes for guests.

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