Friday, July 24, 2015

Home Security

Locksmith Reno grade 1 lockset
The problem with home security today is the fact that many intruders will most likely to try and take advantage residential properties that are not equipped with high security or higher grade locks. It is most likely than not the a home with a quality lock and additional deadbolt that are mounted on the front door of a home will quickly discourage any intruder looking for an easy break-in attempt. Back doors and garages are also a target among intruders and should have high quality protection to them as well.

There are many ways in which an intruder will attempt to break into a home and it is important to be prepared and protect your home against these methods. Methods that are being used such as prying or kicking the doors open, yanking off the lock with aggressive pair of pliers or other similar tool, spreading the door from the door frame using a crow bar, bump keying, drilling or picking the lock open, or even a key that was obtained in some way or another.

In order to seek for advice for better protecting their home, many people will turn to professionals in the field such as locksmiths or even insurance companies. Many insurance companies will have great information and certain level of standards to protect residential properties which must be followed in order to be insured with them. A locksmith technician will have even greater knowledge of higher grade locks that can be used in order to keep intruders out.

Locksmith Reno grade 1 deadbolt
When it comes to the main entrance door of a home, locksmith and insurance companies will normally recommend getting an ANSI grade 1 type of lock-set and a deadbolt. All locks in the market will usually follow the same ANSI grade system, so it is important to always pay attention to the grade of the lock when shopping for one by yourself, or even when a locksmith technician provide the lock for you. In addition, it is important to understand that different types of locks that share the same grade level, does not necessarily share the same level of security such as the different between a deadbolt and privacy lock.

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