Friday, October 3, 2014

Schlage Everest Lock System

Even though Schlage is a recent addition into the SFIC arena, the creation of the patented Everest (used by many locksmith companies in the country) Series of 1-cores is a nice addition to the restricted genre of Icores. The Everest line, first produced in October of 1998. Even though its different, it can still retrofit to any existing SFIC hardware. As a side note, it was Schlage that actually coined the term "Small Format Interchangeable Core", SFIC, as a worldwide concept for an interchangeable core that is different than the larger, "full size" interchangeable cores.

The term has now become an accepted part of the industry. Everest™ is a wide range line of patented key cylinders produced by Schlage. They include the large and small format (LFIC) interchangeable cores, and the  large format standard cylinders. Everest' keys style are similar to those of the popular and recognizable Schlage key, but with minor differences. A patented undercut groove on the right side of the key section, requiring a secondary milling operation in the key blank production which exist in the system.

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