Thursday, March 31, 2016

Smart Lock Devices

Locksmith Reno August smart lock device
If you were looking to add some technology to the security of your home, but you are on a budget, there are several products that available in the market. The August smart lock device and the Lockitron are devices with advance technological features in which do not require the help of a professional locksmith Reno for the installation.

The August smart lock device was not intended to replace the existing deadbolt on your door. The August is incorporated with a Bluetooth technology yet like a significant number of other products the organization offers a Wi-Fi  adapter, the August Connect is available as well. Although the August Connect adds several seconds to the time that it will take to open your lock, it will enable the lock to be controlled from anywhere you are.

The August will likewise utilize a GPS signal to tell when you are near the door so that the deadbolt will open automatically. Visitors will obviously won't be subject to the auto unlock feature. Such feature will only be available for admins who are registered as such in the system of the lock. It is possible to give visitors such control by giving admins rights, but you will not be able to add restrictions on their control. Additional features are available with the August lock such as the everlock which will allow you to set a specific time for the lock to lock once the door is closed.

Locksmith Reno Lockitron smart lock
The Lockitron is another line of devices that will take your existing deadbolt into the future of security. The latest model will not fit over the existing deadbolt like the older model, but will replace the entire exterior side of it. By itself, the Lockitron uses Bluetooth technology in order to communicate with your Smartphone. Once the lock and system is fully operational, you will have the option to share access through the phone with other people. If the Lockitron Bridge is used, you will have the option to use WiFi as well.

With Wi-Fi empowered you can likewise get constant reports on your lock's use. These notifications are likewise sent when the lock is opened by the utilization of the key or operation of the lever. Your entryway will likewise open as you approach the entryway, like the August lock.

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