Monday, August 10, 2015

Retail Business Security

Locksmith Reno access control system
Theft is the #1 enemy of retail businesses. Many retail businesses constantly have to deal with theft on a daily basis. Theft such as from customers, employees, or even intruders after business hours. However, there are several different ways a retail business or other type of commercial property can combat against theft. Even though many of the methods are not "bulletproofs" the prevention rate of theft will decrease significantly.

CCTV is one of the methods used by many retail businesses, large and small. It has proven to be very efficient in catching shoplifters in the act. The problem in many retail business is that you can't have an employee in every corner of the store. That is why having a CCTV helps with covering all the property or at least all the dead spots. The benefit in a CCTV is not only the ability to observe live at what is going on in the store, but also the option to go over recordings in case there is a suspicious of a product missing whether it was during business hours or after.

When it comes to emergency exits, safety equipment such as exit devices are required by law. However, because this type of equipment allow for an easy access, many shop lifters can take advantage in order to easily escape the property without any detection. That is why exit alarms are very important to have as well. There are many exit devices and panic rims in the market that come equipped with an alarm where it will be sound immediately when the door is accessed.

Locksmith Reno CCTV
Last but not least is tracking your employees. Especially for a large retail business, tracking the employees can be very crucial in preventing any employee theft. In addition, limiting their access to specific rooms and specific hours can help as well. That is where a Master-Key or Access Control System come into play. With a Master-Key system you can easily limit employees access to certain rooms and areas in the property. However, with an Access Control system you can even track and monitor their access.

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