Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Securing a Simplex Lock

Simplex lock Reno locksmith
Key-less entry locks became very popular in recent years especially for commercial applications. Normally, key-less entry locks is a secure way for a business owner to keep track of his employees by assigning user ID's and codes for each employee thus being able to keep track on them getting in and out of the business. In case an employee leaves or get fired, his or her ID can be easily removed from the system. Most locksmith technicians provide key-less entry lock system services. However, sometime, the customer will ask for an unconventional solution where the locksmith technician will have to be creative.

 A while back I remember getting a call from a customer who has a small store in the area and wanted to upgrade the lock system on the back door of the store to a key-less entry lock system. Luckily, I just got an order of few key-less entry locks, so I had various options for him to choose from. He mentioned that it's a small store and he probably have around 10 employees working shifts, so I knew he won't have a need for a lock that had large multi-user capabilities.

When I arrived to the store, the owner showed me the door where he wanted the lock to be installed. It seemed that the best solution for what he wanted and the type of door he had there was a Simplex type key-less entry lock. After agreeing on the option, I started the installation which didn't take very long. I then helped the customer program the lock for the number of users and codes to access.

Locksmith Reno Simplex lock
Just as I thought I finished with the job, the owner than ask me to figure out a way that will prevent the employees from accessing the store after closing hours. As far as I knew, there was no particular way to program such function on the Simplex lock, so I had to come up with something creative. I called a Reno locksmith co-worker of mine to consult and he gave me the idea of incorporating a padlock that would eliminate the use of the Simplex handle one locked.

After looking at the Simplex lock and thinking of a way to design the solution, I figured that I would probably need a long shackled padlock to allow for a secure way preventing the handle of the lock from moving once locked. I had to drill and install an "eye" type bolt on the door. Once everything was in place, the arrangement tested successfully. Now when the last employee leaves the store at night and use the padlock to secure the Simplex handle, no one would be able to come and access the store even if they will use the correct code.

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