Thursday, March 24, 2016

Master Key System

Locksmith Reno Master Key system
Most businesses don't need their workers to carry with them many different keys to the property. Likewise, these companies might want to limit access depending on the employee level in the company and the types of responsibilities the employee has. Implementation of a Master-Key system will enable the possibility of setting different levels of restrictions accessing different parts in the property. Once the system is fully implemented, there would be several levels of accessibility.

A good example would be an apartment complex property where a tenant will have a key that will access only his or her apartment while the property manager will most likely have a key that can unlock multiple units in that property. The possibilities are endless and depending on the type of lock and number of pins inside it, the number of unique keys in a Master-Key system can be made.

There are extra security measures that can be incorporated in a Master-Key system implementation. Auxiliary precautions would make it very difficult to pick or decode a lock that is part of a Master-Key system. It consists of adding elements that would make decoding a particular cylinder and key in a Master-Key system almost impossible. Most of the time when implementing a Master-Key system, it does not have to be based on a pin tumbler lock. Disk detainer locks can be used in a Master-Key system to assemble a more complex and secure solution. As more security features are added, the lock system itself becomes more complex. A professional locksmith will normally be able to assist you understand the limitation of the system and implement it.  

The bottom line is that a Master-Key system will enable 2 or more keys to operate one lock. As any other locksmith will tell you, one thing to take into consideration when thinking of implementing a Master-Key system is the fact that all locks in the system have to be of the same manufacturer. Despite the fact that these types of system regularly utilize pin tumbler locks, they can utilize distinctive type of locks in order to implement different levels of security.

Reno locksmith Master Key
The greater benefit of a Master-Key system is the fact it will limit the number of keys required to access multiple locks in a property. The complexion of a Master-Key system is up to you and by introducing higher level of keys such as the Grand Master-Key and a Great Grand Master-Key. A locksmith in Reno will be able to configure a lock with as many keys as you will need to have access to a certain lock.

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