Friday, January 2, 2015

Custom Made Lock Access

I got called recently to one of the apartment complexes in the area that needed a locksmith service to the locks of most of the apartments they had which were more than a hundred probably. All the apartments seem to have Schlage cylinders that had different key-ways. Apparently, the locks were re-keyed at some point to use different master-key systems which gave each maintenance guy a responsibility for different groups of apartments in the complex.

What the apartment complex manager really needed was a security room in which non of the apartment complex keys will have access to. I looked around and didn't find any bitting chart, so i would be able to make the manager a special key. I then notified him that it would not be possible for me to create a specific combination in which non of the apartment complex's keys will be able to operate. I advised him that it may be possible if he would use a different manufacture other than Schlage or used a restricted key system, but he refused.

After giving it much thought, I was thinking there may be a way to do what the customer wanted. I started taking apart the lock from the security room in order to remove the plug. I then drilled a small hole close to the forth chamber of the plug in order to insert a pin that penetrate to the bottom of the key-way. I had to modify the key as well, so that when inserted it will go just enough passed the "custom pin" and then stop. This will not allow any other key to fully enter the cylinder and operating it.

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